Details are not little things, details make the design.

That is our philosophy, our goal and our motivation. We`re there for you, from the beginning, always and until the end. We assist you, when and where you need us to, we do those things for you, that you want us to do and we`re on your site – without exception.

What we do, is not a job, it’s a great privilege and a huge responsibility. With our concepts, with the choice for your venue and your vendors we tell a story. Your story!

Who we are? We`re Tiziana and Christine. We`re control freaks. We`re crazy creatives. We love to get inspired around the clock. We love to travel – we are firm believers that most inspiration comes from traveling. We love everyone fluffy and we love, when people love each other! That is why its our passion, to style and plan your day of love! Mostly in Switzerland but upon request we`re happy to go wherever your heart takes you.

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