What is the job of a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional that helps you plan your wedding step by step. A wedding planner presents you with different venue ideas that fit your wishes and budget, suggests appropriate vendors, suppliers, products and services that you will need on your wedding day. It is the responsibility of a wedding planner to contact the different vendors and to arrange favorable quotes. A wedding planner develops a style and color concept in agreement with the client, takes care of the wedding budget and schedule and ensures that everything runs smoothly in order for an unforgettable wedding day.

How much does a wedding planner cost?

Costs will vary from wedding to wedding, depending on the level of service provided and the individual budget. As a general guide, the cost is usually around 10 to 20 % of the total wedding budget. The first meeting with your wedding planner is free.

Why should we hire Cake & Confetti Weddings for our wedding?

If you simply do not have the time to plan your wedding yourself or you are planning on a destination wedding, a wedding planner can be a big help and support to every couple. They will:

…  assure you access to selected and professional vendors – which saves you time searching yourselves and from any           disappointments on your wedding day

… provide special rates from their partner vendors (venue, photographer, DJ etc.)

…  support you in planning your wedding schedule and budget

…  present to you creative suggestions for the color concept, the decoration, the entertainment program etc

…  ensure that you enjoy the exciting time before your wedding as well as a relaxed and unforgettable wedding day

When should we get in contact with Cake & Confetti Weddings?

«We’ve just got engaged. What do we do next?» This is the most common question asked by newly engaged couples. It’s a great start if you have already decided on your wedding date and know how many guest you wish to invite. To enable you to fulfill all your other wishes and expectations we will be there to offer you support.

What does a wedding cost?

The budget of a wedding can vary, depending on the options chosen by the couple (venue, location etc.), the number of guests, the type of hired services and the special requirements of each individual. When planning a wedding budget it is important to ask yourselves:

... How much money do we want to/ can we spend on our wedding?

... Which priorities do we have? (E.g. high quality wedding photos = most important, wedding cake = less important?)

According to your given budget, we will plan the details of your wedding with an eye on your personal wishes and needs as well as on your budget.

What is a destination wedding?

You have decided to get married in a country that you are currently not living in. This may be a country that you know from holidays, the original home country of the bride and/or groom or a country that you have never visited before. This is what is known as a destination wedding.

We’re not living in Switzerland but we would like to plan our wedding together with Cake & Confetti Weddings. Is that possible?

We love international weddings and work together with couples from all over the world. We are available via Skype, phone, email and, depending on the destination, in person. Just contact us and we will suggest a suitable time and place for a first get together. We are so looking forward to meeting you!